Every student empowered to develop and monitor an informed individual career and academic plan; educators equipped with the knowledge, resources, and time to support them.

Region 10 EAF

Mission & Vision Statement

Region 10 Education Service Center is thrilled to partner with Advantage Academy, Community ISD, Crandall ISD, & Farmersville ISD for a planning pilot year for the Effective Advising Framework.Each LEA will designate a team lead for their planning year.This lead will in turn develop a steering team who will participate and guide the plan for implementation as it aligns with Lever 1 of the Effective Advising Framework.

Region 10 Education Service Center

College, Career, & Military Readiness

Effective Advising Framework

Mission & Vision Statement


Region 10 CCMR EAF Team creates conditions for every Texas student to think critically and collaboratively, and act as a creative, self-motivated, culturally and globally competent learner.

Texas students are prepared to lead fulfilling and productive lives, succeed in academic and employment settings, and contribute meaningfully to society.


The mission of the Region 10 College, Career, and Military Readiness Effective Advising Framework (CCMR EAF) Team is to provide education, advising, experiential learning, professional connections, and direct access to opportunities through progressive high-quality services, resources, instruction, and programs that support the college, career, and/or military readiness of students.This includes:

Facilitating self-assessment that enables students to discover how their interests, values and skills relate to career choices;

Creating events, forums and activities to engage professionals in students’ areas of interest;

Cultivating relationships with employers to open channels of opportunity for students;

Monitoring and reporting on key data relevant to career outcomes and workplace trends;

Support the development of a local education agency implementation plan that bridges the gap between comprehensive school counseling and career advising; and,

Instilling a spirit of proactivity in all stakeholders that encourages individual career and academic plans that foster pursuit of career goals.

Region 10 ESC

College, Career & Military Readiness

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