Hosted and supported by ESC Region 10 in Richardson, Texas, CCMR Insights is a web-based software tool designed to help school staff get and keep high school students on track for Career, College, and Military Readiness (CCMR). The tool also helps Texas schools maximize CCMR A-F accountability ratings and HB3 outcomes-based funding. Given the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, data tools to identify and drive action will be more important than ever.

Key Features

Calculate your projected A-F CCMR accountability score in real time.

Monitor your projected CCMR scores by district/charter and campus.

Predict the Outcomes Bonus funding your district will receive to inform plans to reinvest those dollars in CCMR programs.

Use the detailed student-level view to develop tailored action plans that will help students attain their college, career and military readiness goals.

Develop evidence-informed strategic action plans that will help your district drive a cycle of continuous improvement.

The software is currently in the third and final year of its “pilot” development and roll-out phase, available by invitation only.It will be generally available to most Texas schools by the Fall of 2022 (possibly sooner for Skyward and Focus SIS districts).The system feeds automatically from the district or charter school’s student information system via the Ed-Fi data standard.Compatible student information systems currently include Skyward and Focus, with more such as Ascender, Powerschool, and eSchoolPlus planned in the near future. If you are interested in learning more about CCMR Insights, view our launch page.

Learn more about how to use CCMR Insights to improve CCMR outcomes

Launching CCMR Insights in Your District

Using CCMR Insights

Understanding CCMR

Improving CCMR Outcomes


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